Impressions, Lake Tahoe

My friend Katy put it well: If I was looking for a ‘first impressions’ trip to Lake Tahoe, this was NOT the weekend to pick. Tahoe’s winter economy is powered by snow and snow sports. But right now, it’s really hard to find snow anywhere in the area.
On my first day there, the temperature in the middle of the day was 68 degrees on the ski slopes. There were people skiing in tanktops. The snow machines ran all day at Boreal Ski Resort. The light on the snow was blinding. I absolutely HATE sketching with sunglasses on, but this one time, there was no taking them off. tahoe_ski1

A sketch of the lunchroom. What a zoo! Snowboards, skis, beanies, bright ski jackets, and loads of junk food.tahoe_ski2

The upside of warm weather? Hiking. The lake was beautiful, the water and sky were ultramarine blue (no mixing, no diluting, straight out of my palette!).
This first sketch is at a little cove in the town of King’s Beach. My kids are far in the distance, on the rocks. Loving using a blue pencil to sketch with.
tahoe_kings_beachTwo impressions of Emerald Bay, on the Western side of the lake. This sketch is from Inspiration Point, high above the bay. tahoe_emeraldbay1And this one is at the end of a steep hike down to the shores of the bay. Looking past the pier towards Fannette Island, with a dilapidated little structure on it.
tahoe_emeraldbay2The downside of no snow? I spend winter oogling at Shari Blaukopf’s wonderful sketches of snow. And I take her book, “Mostly Montreal” along with me for inspiration. But aside from one blinding, flat, white ski slope? No snow.

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13 Responses to Impressions, Lake Tahoe

  1. sb2711 says:

    Lovely 🙂


  2. Fabio says:

    all the energy of a vacation by the lake… excellent, as always!


  3. Akanksha says:

    Very pretty 😃


  4. Nina Apple-Pine says:

    what a gorgeous color – all over!


  5. At first glance, I thought “Is Suhita here in Quebec?” It was a shocker to see the snow and those bright blue skies. These are amazing. I especially love that undiluted blue. I think you had the perfect mix, skiing, hiking, tank tops, junk food. We never get that mix here. We can only combine skiing and junk food in the winter or hiking and tank tops in the summer. Love that blue pencil too.


  6. Lynn Holbein says:

    I love you sketches! Appreciate so much your documenting your process. Would you post a photo of the materials and palette you use please?


  7. Gabriel Hydrick says:

    You did a great job of capturing the blue of my home town, Lake Tahoe.


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