My current sketch kit. And sketching standing up.

You asked. So I dug up some photographs of me sketching.

But first, my current sketchkit.
The books vary. I usually have a Stillman and Birn Beta in my bag. My second one might be a Cachet Watercolor  book, a standard sized watercolor Moleskine, or a Stillman & Birn Epsilon book.

The pens: a regular fountain pen (Lamy Safari, which I use the least of all the tools in my kit), and a Bent Nib Sailor pen which has been doing wonderfully since I switched from Noodlers Bulletproof ink (which clogged it up constantly) to Platinum Carbon ink. 2 brush pens: one with waterproof ink, one with water-soluble ink. These are fairly new to my kit and I am loving them.  I still have my old standard: an Extra Fine Sharpie. And a gel pen for fun highlights.

My paint kit is an old Cotman travel kit, refilled with Winsor & Newton Artist Grade and Daniel Smith tube paints. I like my paint creamy. The brushes are Escoda travel brushes, a #4 and a #6. I love these brushes. On my wishlist is one more brush: #10 0r #12.

Now about a question I get all the time: Where were you when you sketched that? How did you find a spot to sit there? I sit if I can. It does make things easier. But often the best view isn’t from where I can sit. Sometimes there just isn’t a place to sit down. Or the angle would just be wrong if I sat. So I stand and sketch. A lot of urban sketcher do this. It takes a bit of juggling and practice. It also means having a book and paint kit you can hold standing. Like this.
Here’s some more photographs of me sketching. Yes I do make funny faces when I draw.
That last photograph is at the Grand Canyon. Soon after I stepped closer to the edge to paint, and dropped my water container into the Grand Canyon. If you are sketching near a ledge, stand back.

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6 Responses to My current sketch kit. And sketching standing up.

  1. Fabio says:

    Excellent! 🙂


  2. Melissa says:

    You need a “sherpa” to hold your water container! (A child, a dog with a tray strapped to its back…?) That’s funny about dropping it into the canyon. I can’t believe you can juggle all that while standing and drawing–I can barely cope while sitting down! Practice must make perfect.


  3. The white gel pen is a great idea for highlights. I’ve always just left the paper as the highlight with watercolour, but I’ll definitely be trying out the gel pen idea now! Such a lovely blog, I love your sketches 🙂


  4. MaxTracks says:

    Been admiring your art since I found this site a few months ago. Great to see how much you can accomplish with this kit. What is your current W&N and DS color palette? Thx.


    • my color palette is constantly changing … here’s some colors I’ve had around for a while, though: cobalt blue, cad yellow, burnt umber, paynes grey, sap green,. Daniel Smith and Winsor and Newton. The rest, they change a lot…


      • MaxTracks says:

        Thanks for your reply. I have yet to learn it’s not about the materials/tools you use but rather, putting in the time and following your own creative path ;o).


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