White buildings in Santa Barbara

More sketches from Santa Barbara (and one from Malibu). Sketching in Southern California means sketching a lot of white adobe-style buildings. Usually you can count on the warm-yellow sun to cast some great shadows for you. But I was there in what is probably the greyest coldest weather I’ve seen there. So it was sunless sketching for the most part, and I was really searching for those shadows and planes.
This first one is a quick capture of the grand courthouse at Santa Barbara. Done at sunset in the fast fading light. We came too late to climb up the clocktower for a view of the city.road_trp_us3_santabarbara6_courthouse1So we returned the next day, and I sketched again. This time I caught a bride posing for wedding pictures against a huge arched door: see her there, that little white form against the door?

And then I did one more sketch of a small corner of the building. Sometimes these quick ‘little corner’ ones work out the best.

Downtown Santa Barbara at State Street in the the touristy Old Town section.  A race against the clock: I can sketch for as long as it takes 2 kids to consume a shave ice. ( What IS this flavor called ‘Tiger/s Blood’?) It didn’t take them long.
road_trp_us3_santabarbara5_oldtown One more ‘little’ sketch, this one of a porthole window at the Adamson House in Malibu, where I sketched with Virginia and Shiho.

I wish we could have drawn inside the house, it is a riot of gorgeous tile. But sketching is strictly prohibited, and impossible because you can only go through the house on a guided tour. While we didn’t get as much sketching done as we would have wanted to, it is always such fun to sketch with my Urban Sketcher friends. I hope I get to do a lot more of that in 2014!

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7 Responses to White buildings in Santa Barbara

  1. Kirk Whiteside says:

    Great memories of Santa Barbara; captures the feeling of that area of town. I enjoy your sketches.


  2. That’s the key – find fellow urban sketchers to sketch with! I like your sketching style too – a concentration on simple shapes and splashes of glorious color with plenty of negative space make a stunning combination!


  3. cletocriste says:

    Very beautiful sketches.


  4. KnitNell says:

    I love the little sketches – you really get a feeling for the town.


  5. sonali says:

    loved the sketches


  6. Elaine Simmons says:

    Beautiful! I love the narratives of your paintings, so exciting!


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