Finding animals in unexpected places

Looking through my sketches from my road trip, I see I have some animal sketches. But only a few of them are from a trip to the little zoo in Santa Barbara. I couldn’t pass up sketching these colorful macaws there.

These ostrich are sketched in Ostrichland near the town of Solvang. You get to buy a pan of ostrich and emu feed and feed the birds. Ostrich are big animals and not dainty eaters. They try grabbing the pan from your hand.

My favorite animal sketch from the trip is this Columbian Mammoth skeleton at the Page Museum in Los Angeles. It’s amazing that they’re still digging these huge fossils up in the city! This skeleton was dug up in what is now the underground parking garage for the LACMA.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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2 Responses to Finding animals in unexpected places

  1. Annie says:

    Love your strong colors!


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