Pismo Beach in Winter

It seems like we visit the beach a lot more in cold weather than we do in the summer. Luckily, ‘cold’ is never very cold in California, (or atleast not for my kids).
The day after Christmas, we headed down to Pismo Beach: Beanies, jackets, buckets and spades.
Here’s another page from my sketchbook. Hard to tell why I abandoned one sketch and made a second one that’s almost identical to it… road_trp_us3_pismo1

The view from the sand, looking back at the hotel. The architecture isn’t inspiring, but the location is.
This is the view from inside the hotel, looking out. Sketched at breakfast when it was way too cold for me to step out. The surfers were out in large numbers, though. Nothing stops them, all year round

Pismo was stop#1 of our road trip down the coast. More sketches from the trip, coming soon.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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1 Response to Pismo Beach in Winter

  1. Barry Comer says:

    These are very, very nice. Coming from the midwest at the moment, I am right there – at least in mind.


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