The very long gas tanker

I saw this very long gas tanker as I passed my local gas station and I HAD to pull up: how could I pass a chance to draw it?


The gas station attendant approaches me almost as soon as I start drawing. He wants to know what I’m doing and insists I’ve been taking photographs. I haven’t but is it not okay to take a photograph of a gas tanker? Or a gas station?

A minute later, the driver approaches me and asks if I’m an observer with KAG, the tanker company he works for. I tell him I’m surprised everyone has questions today. He tells me something I don’t quite understand about Homeland Security and him having to patrol around his tanker whenever it is parked. He says it’s sad, how suspicious we’ve all been taught to be (since 9/11, I’m guessing).

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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5 Responses to The very long gas tanker

  1. Annie says:

    You are so inspiring! I never stop. But will! Great sketch.


  2. Guy Vinson says:

    No there isn’t any law against taking photographs from public property of gas stations, trucks, or what have you. That being said you can get some strange reactions when you try to do so. I was sketching a local drawbridge and the operator got very concerned and wanted to know if I was there on official business. I laughed and said I was retired and learning to draw and he seemed happy with that. Yes it is a very sad world we live in.


  3. Superb lively sketch. Astonishing reaction from the driver, but I suppose it’s something we have to be prepared for!


  4. Wendy Kate says:

    Oh well, I guess people have to be careful but good for you for keeping at it and finishing!


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