Drawing in layers

Working from Peet’s Tea and Coffee on a cold, wet day. The good part is I can take a quick break from work every so often and do a sketch. On the flip side, I don’t move to a new seat ( too much stuff to move around: my sketch stuff, my laptop, and most of all, not all seats in the cafe have a coveted power point within easy reach…so I stay put.)

These three sketches are from pretty much the same spot. Capturing a space filled with people means thinking in layers : people and objects in the foreground partially block those behind them. I keep building in layers of what I see in a scene- all the way to the horizon. Or, in this case, until I hit a wall.


About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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8 Responses to Drawing in layers

  1. I always admire your drawings Suhita.


  2. Wendie says:

    I love Peet’s coffee and your work.


  3. Melissa says:

    So you start with the person or object closest and then go back? Interesting.


    • Melissa, when I have a single focus like this, yes ( and that single focus object is in the foreground, of course). But I use the same principle when working with other compositions where the focus isn’t the foreground. I find that if I draw out and around form my focal point, my drawing tends to reinforce that..


  4. Nandan Balwalli says:

    This new approach :
    I am also going to try out permanent and washable sketch pens.bleading of washable sketch pens will add a grey tone when we add watercolor…giving it a body. This style when,where to use this pen will have to be predetermined .


    • Nandan, I switch between the two, I like washable ink for more moody sketches, and waterpoof ink for brighter, crisper work. Do you know Marc Holmes work? he has a post on his blog where he experiments mixing both pens in a single sketch. Ito looks like a fun process, one that needs thinking through what you’re doing next as you go through the process. have fun!


  5. Asha Vaidyanath says:

    So lovely! Love the fluidity in your work x asha


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