Drawing Busy Places: At the supermarket

I love sketching busy places. One place that’s guaranteed to have a crowd ( and good pastries) is the Whole Foods Market not far from home. Capturing crowds of people and color and texture is always exciting. I love the challenge of conveying all that detail without drawing it all in.

The checkout line.


The bakery counter. Love their alfajores. I could eat a dozen at a sitting.

The seafood counter. It’s Dungeness Crab season in California right now!


And the fruit aisle
All sketched with a Brush Pen, watercolor and a white gel pen.


About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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20 Responses to Drawing Busy Places: At the supermarket

  1. Susan Ford says:

    Wonderful — so gestural, fresh and expressive, Suhita! Looks like you’ve mastered that Brush Pen. Cheers!


  2. Lin says:

    Brilliant!! How on earth did you sketch all that without folks running into you? I am awed!


  3. Grace says:

    What is the white gel pen and what point of the piece to you use it, start or end?? Love it and will get myself one. Can’t wait to get to Sprouts Market and do some sketching. G


  4. Ingrid says:

    Absolutely masterful….thank you so much..the white gel pen is the finishing touch!!!


  5. s.j. says:

    from: dr.s.j.

    Brilliant expressive Brush pen work


  6. Lee Kline says:

    Suhita, these are so nice. I was at the market yesterday trying to draw my cart as I followed Jan around the store.


  7. Impressive work! It’s not easy to draw people moving around. You have really mastered this challenge!


  8. Steve StClair says:

    Suhita, I just love the immediacy of your work. True sketching not studied drawings. Very real, almost visceral. Exactly what is required and no more , to capture the moment. Wonderful stuff.


  9. Melissa says:

    So you just plop yourself down in the middle of the market and start sketching? Aren’t you self-conscious? Aren’t you in the way? How do you do that?!


    • Melissa, I stand and sketch: I hold my little watercolor kit too. It would be impossible to plop down and get the view I do standing. Besides, I might get asked to leave if I sat right in the middle of everything 🙂 I tend to stand sort of to the side. but not far from the action. And no, I’m not self-conscious anymore. it took practice to get that way, though.


      • Melissa says:

        Oh, you are brave! And you really captured the scenes, we’re right in the middle of the market action! I don’t know how you hold it all and still sketch, but you have obviously worked out a technique that’s a winner. Kudos to you!


  10. Wow; just wow! Busy scenes = not easy to do, but you’ve pulled it off masterfully. Love the capture of and treatment of the people, whom I can imagine where standing still for an extremely short period of time, and the people overall must have been in a very dynamic state. And you colored the whole thing. Awesome sketches indeed!


  11. Cojo says:

    I would be too embarressed to sketch in public, prefering a quiet corner where people won’t gawk at me.


  12. Beautiful work. Very nicely done. I also love to draw in public. I draw on napkins in restaurants, and on air sickness bags in flight. My wife and I were eating at our favorite tex Mex, Mi Cocinas, and I drew a couple of people sitting with a larger group next to us on a napkin. Then, one of the men from the table brought each one of us a shot of tequila. I will draw on napkins people sitting around us, the waiter or waitress, and ask the restaurant to Bring out the chef. We have had people send over drinks, desserts, and even had restaurants say,” no charge for the meal.”


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