Inspiration and Information

I’ve often wondered what this beautiful fruit was. It grows on trees in my neighborhood park. Recently a friend mentioned ( where else, on facebook) that he harvests and eats it. It is the fruit of a Strawberry Tree, a Mediterranean shrub not related to strawberries.

Thanks Vinay Pohray, I now know a new tree. And thank you, Cathy Johnson, the ultramarine blue pencil is inspired by your sketches. Sometimes I think I sink way too much time into flickr and facebook. But my friends on both those platforms are such a great source of information and inspiration.



About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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6 Responses to Inspiration and Information

  1. Ingrid Lacis says:

    ….oh….this is perfection….thank you so much….

    ((*_*)) mini



  2. Annie says:

    Really cool. And it reminds me of some appliqué squares (quilt) i’ve been doing for years.


  3. The blue is BEAUTIFUL with your gorgeous washes!


  4. s.j. says:

    Great .
    Blue – pencil is used to make changes so
    the things are more acceptable
    to the viewers.

    This ultramarine blue pencil
    deserves, ” blue – ribbon ”




  5. sitanaik says:

    I just love your sketches – almost inspired to take classes


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