Now that things are on the mend…

Last week was a tough week. My husband had an emergency procedure on one of his eyes, and just the words ‘surgery’ and ‘eyes’ in the same sentence are scary. Luckily things are on the mend. While he sat through examinations and procedures and long waits I did the only thing I know to do when I wait. Sketch. Looking back, I see that I drew almost the same scene, over and over, through multiple visits to the ophthalmologist and almost always in a darkened room.

Photographing the eye with this huge machine that takes really detailed images of the inside of the eye.

During the actual procedure called Pneumatic retinopexy, where an inert gas bubble is injected (ouch!) into the eye. The bubble floats to the top of the eye and helps things fix back together. Hari_opthamologist4Hari_opthamologist5
Hari_opthamologist6When all the technical terms about the eye got really confusing, our ophthalmologist pulled out a sheet of paper and a set of colored pencils and drew a diagram to explain it all. If only we all drew pictures, things would be much less confusing.

All the medication we took home.Hari_opthamologist7

Hari_opthamologist9Hari_opthamologist3And multiple laser procedures over the next few days to ‘solder’ everything back together.
Hari_opthamologist2Hari_opthamologist8Like I said before, things are on the mend and looking well. We’re so glad last week is behind us.
There are so many people to thank. Our ophthalmologist, Dr. Keshav Narain and his amazing team, and our friends and family, for keeping things sane through the week.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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17 Responses to Now that things are on the mend…

  1. There’s almost nothing scarier than eye stuff Suhita. I am so happy to hear that things are on the mend for your husband. I’m sure it was calming to sketch. I feel your stress through your sketches and your relief too. Healing thoughts from Montreal.


  2. Christine Walker Bird says:

    Hi Linda I thought you might appreciate this. It is a sketcher whose blog I subscribe to–and it sounds like she and her husband were thru something very similar to you and Mart. Sketching was a good way for her to get thru the anxiety.



  3. Your journaling is so amazing. I’m a scrapbooker and tell my life stories through photos and journaling. It can be a healing process, as no doubt your beautiful sketching is. Hoping things will continue to go well for your husband.


  4. Wendy Kate says:

    Glad things are on the mend and I loved your sketches!


  5. Suma CM says:

    Suhita, so glad things are better – great that you found journaling to be helpful in this difficult time.


  6. Marilyn Malone says:

    So glad things are on the mend, Suhita..this Tucson sketcher has been missing your lively and lovely posts. Best wishes to you and your family.


  7. Wow; amazing sketches and documentation, especially given the circumstances. We all like to sketch with clear and focused heads, and I can imagine this wasn’t so much the case here. Glad to read that your husband will be OK.


  8. Thank you Wendie, Wendy,Marilyn! Suma, Jason, many thanks. I just sketch through everything. All of it. Jason, I am not sure I need a clear head ( or not) to sketch, I just do it without thinking.


  9. hugo costa says:

    I’m glad things are now looking well for your husband. Nice illustrations of the process anyway!


  10. Liz Steel says:

    Been thinking of you!!!! Hope all continues to so well.
    Love these sketches – what a great record of a scary time
    Big hug!


  11. Beliza says:

    I hope everything continues to improve! It must be such a scary experience. Best wishes to you and your family!


  12. annabaig says:

    Love the sketches! Eye stuff is so anxiety-inducing – hope things look up soon:)


  13. marctaro says:

    So glad to hear things turned out well. You’re right about this for sure – drawing gives you something to occupy that part of the mind – no random bouncy thoughts free to worry about things. I’ve never thought much about art therapy – but perhaps this is it hey?Just a way to deal with waiting for doctors to do their thing.


    • I guess so, Marc. I never thought of it as therapy, either,it’s just that I’m waiting, there isn’t much I can do but be there. So I do what I always do. Draw. But it does help you not fret about things you don’t control. Thinking of your family.


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