An afternoon of sketching in Los Gatos

An afternoon of sketching in Los Gatos that began and ended with people sketching.  A few pages of quick sketches of people crossing the street (or waiting for the ‘walk’ light). And my notes on drawing people. Drawing pages of moving people is a great way to warm up: quick blind contour movement captures with no expectation of them turning into larger pieces or complete sketches.


Then, a couple of quick sketches from the intersection, (I was checking out the location for a workshop) both with the historic La Cañada Building in the background , but drawn from different sides of the intersection.


After a couple of sketches at the intersection I decided I  was happy with my location and was ready for coffee at the Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company. What I really like about this coffee shop is that people actually come here to meet up and chat: there was not one cellphone in sight the afternoon I was there. So I managed to capture a few people deep in conversation.


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10 Responses to An afternoon of sketching in Los Gatos

  1. Ray Maclachlan says:

    I enjoy your work very much, Suhita. You manage to pull your sketches together out of a mass of lines. How you determine where to apply the colour, I have no idea. The result is pure magic.

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  2. Fabio says:

    Ray is so right! Bravo, Suhita!!! 🙂


  3. Oh, excellent!…more of your people sketching tips! It got me down to the mall again today…don’t feel quite so nervous when people are coming towards me. Thankyou, Suhita! And I like the touches of colour!…..more to work on.


  4. The drawing of the older couple captures something very sweet. Very good “sketch.”


  5. Susan Hancey says:

    I would really like to come to your workshop but am in Abiquiu, NM for 2 weeks. Plan to paint and paint and sketch. Will you be doing another workshop I can attend?


  6. Janine says:

    Hi Suhita – Did I read thie correctly in the fine print, “checking out the location for a workshop?” Would that be one you are teaching or one you are taking? ;0)


  7. Janine says:

    Can’t wait, Shuita! Can I request it be on a Saturday or Sunday? Thanks!!! 🙂


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