One last post from Brazil

One last post from Brazil. This one’s a little bit of a hodge-podge. Remembered bits and pieces, single-image memories, one long, sketch-filled day in the Santa Teresa neighborhood of Rio and well, more bits and pieces…

Coming to Rio after a week in quiet Paraty is like taking the 6 train to Canal Street and getting spat out of the subway into the madness that is Chinatown. Rio was chaotic, frenzied and disorienting. I loved it.

This is the Church of Our Lady of the Candelaria, Centro, Rio. Sketched barely an hour after we arrived in Rio. The wobbly-lined, slightly crazy looking church sketch reflects how it felt to be in the city center after a week in Paraty.
Even crazier (if that is possible) was the Confeiteria Colombo, a pastry and tea shop near Centro. Packed with people, with an intricately patterned tiled floor and over-the-top architectural detailing, a wall of floor-to-ceiling mirrors and liveried waiters. Oh, and with a million choices of pastries and cakes. Here we are, a table full of sketchers supposedly eating. I have to be super tired to sketch like I did, with the wire binding of my book on right (wrong?) side of the page.
tea_cake4Copacabana Beach. Big beaches with white sand have never held my attention much, so after a quick beach sketch, I sketched the sidewalk along the beach with it’s lovely wave-patterned mosaic.

The next day was spent around the neighborhood of Santa Barbara. We started by climbing the Escadaria Selarón, created by Chilean-born artist Jorge Selarón. They are a riot of color, and crazily difficult to draw because all that color flattens every sketch out into an abstract collage-like mess.

So after one attempt at the steps, I turned around and sketched the view looking down from the steps.ST_stepscombine

Climbing up to Santa Teresa, we paused to draw a view of the favelas spilling down the hillside with Sugarloaf mountain in the background.
ST_favella1Santa Teresa is a neighborhood packed with beautifully decrepit buildings on sloping streets. I drew a few over the course of the afternoon.
ST_hoes-combineA little sketch next, this one of the public phones around Rio. Funny shaped things in pairs around the city, designed to stick your head into and stand under while you use the phone.
rio_telephoneMore sketches, this time from a market I’ve forgotten the name to. These women held up signs saying “We buy Gold”: Old gold ornaments, family treasures to be resold or melted down.
More sketches near the market. More charmingly decrepit buildings.
rio_marketcombineAnd one last sketch of the beach, from my last afternoon in Rio. It was windy and the beach was almost deserted. I did a little sketch, but mostly I watched Stephanie Bower capture this vista so effortlessly in her moleskine sketchbook.
rio_beachTime to go home. Goodbye Rio. Goodbye Brazil. What a trip it was!

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18 Responses to One last post from Brazil

  1. brennagraham says:

    so gorgeous! I love your sketches!


  2. Anne says:

    Continued pleasure, thank you again. And love your “wobbly-lined, slightly crazy” remark for your first sketch back in the bustle and noise. Those blues are gorgeous!


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  4. hugo costa says:

    Amazing report! Congrats! I’ve been (and sketched) in all this spots more than 10 years ago. It’s a shame I didn’t use color at the time. Your drawings really make me remember all the nice mood I felt back than! By the way, if don’t know it already, the “lovely waved-mosaic” at Copacabana was designed by the famous landscape architect Burle Marx, who was also a great painter! Thanks for sharing your drawings!


  5. Melissa says:

    Your dynamic line and splashy colors are so perfect for capturing these scenes. Love the cathedral and the “decrepit buildings.”


  6. I love love love your sketches, Suhita…and you are so dang fast, the rest of us are muddling through one and you have done three or more!! I love the energy and life you catch in every view, the line is so fluid and the color so expressive, and the way you put paint on the paper adds so much spirit. It was so great to get to spend time with you in Brazil and watch you create this magic in person!!!


  7. You are so talented Stephanie! Your sketches are absolutely lovely especially in how they capture the feel of the place. Its been a pleasure to see these posts!


  8. Reblogged this on ramblinginthecity and commented:
    So much talent! I’ve feasted on these sketches…do check out her other posts if you love them too!


  9. KnitNell says:

    I love your sketching style – thank you for sharing your visit.


  10. Suma CM says:

    Gorgeous – love all of these. Your colors dance on the page!


  11. Very interesting article


  12. nossa que bonito voce que pintou ?


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