More from the Farmers’ Market

This might just turn into a summer of sketching the Farmers’ Market every Sunday.
Here are this week’s sketches. Usually I choose what to focus on: is it the produce that’s the focus of the sketch? Or is it the people? But today it was both those and more. It was color and texture, rhythm and pattern.

With this first sketch, I wanted to capture the alternating layers of produce and people without losing the different textures of all the vegetable. Or the individual people in the sketch. I started by drawing at the bottom of the paper, at the bin of produce nearest me. One of the keys to capturing depth and perspective is realizing HOW MUCH LARGER things  in the foreground look than those far away: those foreground bins of vegetable are about half the height of this composition. All the activity that is layered in behind them only occupies the top half of the page.


































This second sketch is a simpler composition. As my fellow sketcher Virginia said ( if you’ve never seen her sketches, they are gorgeous and you can see them here ), I “get right in” with my composition. I do this by literally standing right at the stall , probably in the way of the shoppers. It helped me capture that figure I needed right in the foreground to make this piece work. Luckily for me, the guy wanted 16 ears of corn, so it took a couple of minutes to select them all and I had time to capture him.


















About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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5 Responses to More from the Farmers’ Market

  1. shelefo says:

    איזה יופי


  2. dr.s.j. says:

    The Farmers’ Market ,,,,,,
    Alternating layers of Produce and the People ,,,,,
    Thanks for sharing ,
    dr. s.j.


  3. Carl says:

    Nice sketches! Looks like a great farmers market!


  4. Steve Cooks says:

    These are wonderful work Suhita! I really like the immediacy, the ‘life’ captured in a relatively ‘fleeting’ moment. Colorful and vibrant. You were probably attracting a lot of curiosity so hats off to you. The use of line and washes of color captures the typical colorful displays seen at produce markets and the crowds of people provide the atmosphere…love it !!!


  5. Melissa says:

    The thing I love about these is that they are so loose and obviously quick, and yet at the same time you have captured tiny details here and there that give specifics about the kinds of fruit and veg, the colors…very skilled and delightful too.


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