California Theater and the Green Cow, San Jose

The California Theater in downtown San Jose is one of those happy-endings stories: an ornate little building from the 1920s that was shuttered for years, and then renovated in the early 2ooos and is now the shared home of Opera San Jose and Symphony Silicon Valley.

Looking at its grand vertical marquee facing south, I had a clear, unobstructed view of it. But it seemed a lot more fun and challenging to draw it facing north, where it was partially obstructed by the crisscross of the branches of a nearby tree.  I even remembered to take a couple of pictures of the sketch as I worked, so here it is in 4 steps:



























































The ‘Green Cow’, as Sherwood Inn in San Jose is known as, actually has a green bull on its sign. From the little I gleaned from my research, the bull dates back to the 70s and was originally black. Know anything more about this sign? I’d love to know.





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obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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5 Responses to California Theater and the Green Cow, San Jose

  1. pegjuanita says:

    OMG, Suhita!! LOVELY, lovely sketches! I enjoyed seeing the stages of the “California” one, and as I scrolled down, I thought it was done when the white tower of letters remained. 🙂 Folks often tell me to leave some white…and I usually don’t cuz I’m stuck thinking it’s not done. The finished sketch is okay, but the unfinished one is DYNAMITE!! Thanks SO much for sharing your works-in-progress! Fun to see!!


  2. Wendy Kate says:

    I love it! Thanks for showing the stages of your work.


  3. Lynn Holbein says:

    I especially love these step-by-step photos showing the sketching in progress!


  4. dr.s.j. says:

    Great ! It is exciting to see the art – work in progress —– 4/5 frames in series, As i scroll down ,
    Suhita, i stop off briefly at each frame and move back to the first. Its like, move forwards three squares and start again from square one I am forced to back-track. With the ‘ stop and go ‘ viewing —- Ultimately, i get square – eyed in front of one frame and its usually the first or second ?
    Thanks for sharing the ” art in progress ”
    Dr. Sharad Joglekar, Pune, India.


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