Grand Teton, Jackson Hole, and back…

From the porch of the Grand Teton Lodge. Doesn’t get more classic than that.grand_teton_mountain2

My favorite peak of the range? Grand Teton Peak, not the tallest of them, but the most ragged and distinctive one.  A rare only-watercolor-no-line sketch for me.
















Okay, maybe not so rare: I have one more from the trip: Hidden Falls, sketched on a hike. I do like working like this. It’s a little more abstract, I work slower, look more carefully at light and shade…and I like that it does to the whites.


















We spent a couple of days in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. After a few days of hikes and wildlife, we’re doing touristy stuff like watching the nightly reenactment of a shootout in the town square, and going to the rodeo. The rodeo was probably the hardest place to sketch at. The action happens way too fast. I found it really, really hard to capture that (to steal a phrase from Cartier-Bresson) ‘decisive moment’, eve when I was drawing tiny little blind-sketches.






















It was much easier to draw the bucking horse and cowboy on the Cowboy Bar sign in downtown Jackson Hole.


The elk and moose antler gate, Jackson Hole downtown.

Headed back. Always hard for me to sketch on the way home. Every vacation feels too short.

Lots more sketches, from my trip, in this flickr set.

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2 Responses to Grand Teton, Jackson Hole, and back…

  1. Your rodeo ones ARE very dynamic, though–you can see the action! Nice sketches.


  2. I am just amazed by your talent!


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