Yellowstone National Park

Sometimes I see things two ways. So I try to record both impressions, like I did at Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park’s most iconic geyser.

At first all I see is a vista crowded with people, all watching a geyser in the distance. So I draw it that way: crowds in the foreground and the geyser behind them.

Then I walk around the path, away from the crowds, and watch the next geyser eruption. And this time, the geyser, the steam and the hot runoff water take centerstage.

And again, at the lookout point called Artists’ Point: This time I draw the view first.

And then a very quick sketch of how it looks to me as I stand there sketching. People arrive, take a quick look at the view, then turn their back to it, smile broadly and posing for pictures.

Grand Prismatic Spring is spectacularly colored by rings of different bacteria and microbes that give it it’s vivid color. Drawn from ground level, the red and ochre rays dominate the pool.


Scramble up a nearby hill and you get a great view of the different colored rings.Image

Only one quick sketch of the triumphal-style Roosevelt Arch. Because just as I finished this quick piece, the rains came in…

The arch was a lovely end to our stay at Yellowstone. Its a great way to remember Teddy Roosevelt and all he did for all our National Parks.

I have far too many sketches from this trip to blog here. But if you’d like to look at them all, they’re here on flickr.

Next up: Grand Teton and Jackson Hole.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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4 Responses to Yellowstone National Park

  1. These are gorgeous! Do you ever get looks while parting about? Or do you ever feel self conscious?


    • Thanks so much. I’m not self conscious about sketching in public anymore, but I worked up to it. Started by sketching at cafes, where you sit at your table, it’s pretty discreet, and your subjects don’t move around too much too. Then I mostly worked in quieter locations, like m neighborhood, where there wouldn’t be people milling about me. Now I have no issue working anywhere, however busy it is. But it’s easiest to start where you’re only slightly uncomfortable and push it slowly! Hope that helps. Good luck


  2. Wonderful sketches, you manage to both document the scene and add the excitement of the moment!


  3. Kait says:

    Lovely sketches. I like how you describe how you started sketching in public. I think I will try again beginning with a cafe.


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