Barcelona: Part 1 of 2

I spent the most amazing 5 days in Barcelona as official correspondent for the 4th Urban Sketchers Symposium. You can see reportage sketches by me and my co-correspondent Lapin here. Here are some of my other sketches and impressions from the week.

I got straight off a 20 hour-3 flight trip and ran off to join a group of Urban Sketchers sketching at the Sagrada Familia. The long flight made sketching an already incredible building doubly surreal. Only Gaudi could imagine up a structure that drips, melts and soars at the same time. I just HAD to draw in the ever-present construction cranes. I think I could look at the Sagrada Familia for days and draw and redraw it and yet never feel I got Gaudi down on paper. And maybe that’s how it is to draw the buildings of a man who tinkered with, tore down, and redesigned parts of his structures as they were being built.
sagrada1sagrada4sagrada3I see flags of Spain and Catalonia everywhere. But most of all, I see the colors of FCBarcelona. I saw versions of this little shopfront all over the city. They just love their soccer in Barcelona!
FCBarcelonaI wish I could remember the name of this building… the thing with Barcelona is there are beautiful buildings everywhere you look.
non_anem_bldg1And then, there’s people sketching. Nothing like a walk on La Rambla to capture the crowds.
barcelona_ramblaIt’s pretty incredible to see hoards of people walk across a huge Miro mosaic on the Rambla and not even notice it.

More Rambla crowds and beautiful ironwork lampposts.las_ramblas_lamppost

las_ramblas_copsAt the very top of the Rambla. Placa Catalunya. Pigeons, fountains, people, and of course, gorgeous buildings.placa_catalunyaThe people-sketching only gets better at the Mercat de la Boqueria.
A juice stand, the jamon shop and a stand selling chilis and vegetables. What a riot of color.
More sketches in part 2 of this post soon. or, you can see all my Barcelona sketches in this flickr set.


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15 Responses to Barcelona: Part 1 of 2

  1. Steph says:

    Gorgeous! I especially love the lamp posts & the pigeons!!


  2. These are wonderful! Both expressive and exotic!


  3. Radio Lady says:


    You take my breath away! I am amazed at the amount of work and the incredible detail and riot of color you captured! I will save this post to look over many times.

    Rita Cleary “A neat stall is the sign of a dead horse.” >Danny Gregory >



  4. Melanie Reim says:

    Fantastic to meet you in person, Suhita! Seeing all of your work together multiplies the pleasure- looks amazing!!! see you next time!


  5. Suma CM says:

    Can’t believe I didn’t make it to the Boqueria market – your sketches truly bring it to life!


  6. patgaig says:

    Oh. These sketches are magnificent! The hustle and bustle come to life through them.


  7. Lee Kline says:

    Suhita, you are amazing! These are wonderful.


  8. Barbara says:

    Thanks for sharing ! There is so much life in your sketches… much movement and excitement. I love looking at them and exploring the spaces and people in them. Cheers!


  9. Joan says:

    Suhita: You’ve outdone yourself with this collection of sketches. You really capture the hustle and bustle, the vibrance of a place. The sketches of Familia Sagrada!!!! Outstanding. I so wish I could do what you do!


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  11. Suhita, the highlight of my time in Barcelona was meeting you and sneaking peaks at how you work. You have as much energy as your sketches!


  12. Suhita,
    Wonderful being able to sketch with you and sharing some time with you again. Great sketches! They so capture the vibrancy of the city!


  13. Rosário Félix says:

    Barcelona was fantastic! We had the opportunity to chat a bit (I do not speak both English) at CCCB. I want to tell you that I love your work! Thank you.


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