Big Island, Hawaii, The classic Hawaiian side

This flower stall is at the Kona Farmers Market. I have never seen a flower stall so packed with gigantic blooms.

The Lifeguard Hut at Kahalu’u Beach Park. How could I NOT draw something that is such a vivid shade of orange? Image

My big regret at Kahalu’u Beach is that there’s no way to sketch while you snorkel. What an incredible sketch the giant corals and tropical fish would have made! So I sketched the snorkellers instead. With their funny-looking, bright colored breathing tubes, they almost look like bright little fish bobbing in the bay.

Traditional double-hulled Hawaiian boats on a beach near Kona.kona-double_hulled_boats

And finally, a classic hawaiian beach: long stretches of white sand and loads of beachgoers at Spencer Beach.
north_hawaii_beachHouses built on stilts remind you that you are in Tsunami country. I had to race against the afternoon rain clouds that came down from the mountains to get this sketch done. The bright splashes in the foreground are bougainvillea in every shade possible.

I saved my favorite bit for last. I love the unbelievably bright color and the intricately layered effect of the vegetation in Hawaii. We stayed at John and Jae’s Sugar Shack in Kona. Their amazing gardens are where I made the sketches below. To be in their garden is to land right in the middle of a Henri Rousseau painting.

To see ALL my sketches from Big Island, Hawaii, go to this complete flickr set.

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10 Responses to Big Island, Hawaii, The classic Hawaiian side

  1. atreewalker says:

    Awesome! (We are apparently so impressed that we are only able to comment with one word sentences!) 🙂


  2. Elena Echenique says:

    Beautiful botanical sketches! In your botanicals, I saw the vibrant colors that you use in your India sketches. Thank You.


  3. Leslie says:

    Lovely, lovely sketches! Oh, there iS a way to sketch while snorkling! It’s called Rite in the Rain- it’s a waterproof paper. You can use a pencil on it. lol. Someone on FB posted sketches she did while scuba diving. They mostly provide paper for farmers and growers to use in the field under wet conditions, but they have sketchbooks, too! 🙂


  4. TMnY (@TMnY) says:

    Gorgeous! This brought back so many memories!


  5. Geraldine Skinner says:

    I have just discovered your blog. It is stupendous. I travelled to Hawaii (from Australia) 22 years ago and your sketches bring it all alive!


  6. Tina gray says:

    What do you put down first…ink or color? So, so wonderful! Love how loose and lively your sketches are!


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