Sunny Day by the Ferry building

I was in San Francisco on a rare sort of day- sunny and warm enough for me to sketch outdoors. Here are a few sketches from my day.

The bluest, clearest sky and Coit Tower. The tower is the recognizable part of the view, but my favorite part is the colorful homes on hill.


Since it was close to lunchtime, I headed towards the Ferry Building. But I just HAD to stop and sketch it first. Maybe I was just hungry, but I wasn’t sure the first one worked. So I came back and did another one after lunch. Not sure which one I like better now, but it is interesting how totally different my take on the same view was, a couple of hours apart.


The ferry building is always full of people eating, but most places have their lunch crowds and then it gets less crazy. Not so with Blue Bottle Coffee. The crowds never thin out here. Two sketches from Blue Bottle Coffee. Funny how I ended up with 2 of everything that day.

One last ‘set of two’. When it’s warm and sunny in the city, everyone is happy. Except the cycle rickshaws that ferry tourists around. Everyone wanted to walk, so I got to sketch the rickshaws as they waited for passengers.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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11 Responses to Sunny Day by the Ferry building

  1. suri says:

    Suhita, I can’t draw to save my life….when I look at your sketches, I really wish I could. They’re really lovely, and inspiring.


  2. Lee Kline says:

    Thanks, Suhita. Any trip to S.F. is worth two of anything! These are so appealing!


  3. I love the two takes on the Ferry Building, before and after the meal. They are both beautiful, but the one you drew on a full stomach was definitely lighter and more cheerful!


  4. clareclare says:

    Love you sketch and watercolour style.. Inspiring……for sure!


  5. Spotted SF says:

    These are fabulous!!!


  6. Amazing! I love traveling through your illustrated world


  7. jane wingfield says:

    Looking at your sketches I’m wondering about your process. Do you apply the color first then add lines on top of it? Your sketches are wonderful.


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