My many Indias. Part 2: Mysore

My kids and I took off from Bangalore for a 3-day trip to Mysore. Mention Mysore and you either hear about Mysore Palace or Mysore Bondas. I sketched both.

Mysore Palace is a mad hodgepodge of Hindu, Muslim, Rajput and Gothic styles. Apparently this style has a name (thank you wikipedia!) It’s called the Indo-Saracenic style. I loved that the crazy architecture was echoed by the milling crowds on the palace grounds and the scores of pigeons in the sky. (More abut the trouble with pigeons flying overhead while you sketch- in a later post.)


This lady, who sat next to me on the train to Mysore, recounted her childhood in the city and the excitement over the Dusserah celebrations, when the Maharaja would step out all dressed in his finery and jewels.
to_mysore_auntyThis is one of the gopurams, the gateways to the palace grounds. Inside the grounds, we went on camel and elephant rides.
mysore_palace-gopuramA rare sketch that isn’t brightly colored: a view of the rooftops from our hotel room.

A gorgeous specimen of a train at the Mysore Rail Museum. My favorite feature on these old trains is the cowcatcher.Β 


I just HAD to sketch this lovely old lady, so beautifully dressed in her fiery orange and green Kanjivaram silk sari with it’s gold zari border. She had on thick gold bangles, earrings and a nose ring. As my mother would say, ” In real 22 carat gold, not your American gold.” πŸ™‚
mysore_mealsAnd finally, a sketch of the promised Mysore Bonda. At the Dasaprakash Restaurant, Mysore.
mysore_meals2Next: a quick stopover at Chennai. And the full set of my sketches from India is being uploaded into this flickr set.

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15 Responses to My many Indias. Part 2: Mysore

  1. Bill Polm says:

    Your rendering of Mysore Palace is among my favorites of your work. I love the freely drawn line and the bold dashing in of color. You’re an inspiration to me, and no doubt others, to venture beyond carefully wrought “perection” when sketching and painting.


  2. Jaci says:

    Suhita, I love seeing your sketches – all the color and incredible history! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


  3. devika says:

    Lovely captures Suhita..brought back memories of our Mysore trip not too long ago! The bondas and filter coffee have my mouth watering:))


  4. Lee Kline says:

    What a treasure for your kids to see India through your eyes and how grateful they will be one day (long in the future, I hope) when they have your drawings and paintings to remember you.


    • Lee, I hope they get to appreciating them one day! Right now they are resigned to having to hang out in all sorts of places while i sketch! πŸ™‚

      I hope you get to India soon, it is amazing and crazy and maddening and unforgettable.


  5. Suresh Ramaswamy says:

    What talent! Lovely to see the story of your travels in sketches Suhita.


  6. Helen Hazarika says:

    Suhita I’ve never been in that part of India but reading your words and dreaming in front of your sketching gives me the strong envy of returning in your country….Helen


  7. Nancy says:

    I really enjoy looking at your sketches and stories. Can you write a little about how you got started sketching and what tools you use?


    • nancy,I drew a lot as a kid and then didn’t for decades. So about 3 years ago, I got back to sketching, and started carrying a book with me everywhere. At first I just worked in line, then line and colored pencil, and much later line and watercolor. I carry my sketch kit EVERYWHERE. It consists of Stillman and Birns sketchbooks, sharpie pens, a travel kit with windsor and newton watercolors and a small bottle of water.


  8. Suhita, the sketches are lovely — a nice balance of energy and richness of experience. Loved reading about the adventure — and I look forward to reading more about your trip!


  9. razi023 says:

    lovely sketches…


  10. Divya Ravi Prakash says:

    I am student of architecture and i have been trying to make a proper watercolor sketch of the Mysore palace since 6 months. your simple quick sketch captures the essence of the place just perfectly. and to see the number of sketches you did in a couple of days is inspiring.


    • Divya, my advise to all architects is:try to draw what the building feels like to you, forget about perspective… and you’ll capture it’s essence. Too often what we know comes in the way of what we see! Good luck!


  11. Renita Sathasivam says:

    Suhita, I can see pure joy in your art. I’m really interested in getting some. Ive emailed you at with some questions.


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