Cruising Alaska

A few highlights from a week-long Alaska Cruise…

I expected to encounter a vast barren landscape, but what I saw instead was a landscape dotted with islands covered in dense coniferous forests in varying shades of blue-green ( who knew you could have so many shades of just blue-green?). These huge trees are rooted in  just the thinnest layer of topsoil over permafrost. How amazing that just a few inches of soil can support tall pine trees!

Tracy Arm Fjord was the highlight of my trip. A dramatically narrow fjord that ended in a spectacular glacier. As we sailed down the fjord, I sketched the icebergs that floated by. They were an unbelievable shade of almost-neon blue.

This is Sitka, Alaska, sketched from the ship. The lifeboats took passengers back and forth from the ship to shore.

This is Raven, an Alaskan husky who we visited  at a camp where huskies and their mushers train for races like the Iditarod, a gruelling race of more than 1100 miles across the vast Alaskan landscape in the middle of the winter. 

Totem poles in Ketchikan, Alaska. I like how there is no method to how a story is told on these poles, no particular way in which you can read these visual stories: You can guess at them, of course, but to be sure of what they say, you just have to know what the carver intended for them to say. These totem poles are in the town of Ketchikan.

You can see more of my Alaska Sketches on my flickr stream here.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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4 Responses to Cruising Alaska

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  2. Bill Polm says:

    Lovely work, Suhita.
    I admire your bold looseness of line and color.
    My favorite among these is the Sitka bay, boats and bridge, sketched form the ship (second from the top above).
    Care to share what pen and paper you use?


    • For these sketches I used two books: one is the large watercolor moleskine, the other is the Catchet linen watercolor book. the line is an extra-thin sharpie,the color Windsor and Newton artists’ watercolor.


  3. Yorky says:

    Lovely work Suhita, I love the impression of the landscape.


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