My Space Needle Obsession

Yes, I’m such a tourist 🙂 . I go to Seattle and what do I draw? The Space Needle. Everywhere I look I see the Needle. Sometimes I find myself below it looking up, but at other times I’m drawing the view before me and there it is, looming on the horizon. So here are the Space Needles…

Drawing the construction cranes on 6th Avenue, and there it is, dwarfed by the cranes.

At the intersection by a fascinating carwash called ‘Pink Elephant’. Best car wash signs I’ve ever seen: pink, rotating, blinking lights, and neon lettering. 

There is no way I was going to stand an hour in a line to go look at the view out of the Needle, so my kids got to go up there, and I sketched. Next time I have to remember NOT to be looking straight up into the sun while sketching!

One last view of the skyline and the Needle, from aboard our ship as we set sail for Alaska.What a fascinating structure it must have been when it was built in 1962! I’m glad I got to see it at it’s 50th year anniversary. I love the gold-orange color it is right now.

More Seattle sketches here on my flickr stream.

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6 Responses to My Space Needle Obsession

  1. Great pictures. I always think of “It Happened at the Worlds Fair” when I see the Space Needle. Good grief, that dates me! But wow, I’m looking forward to some gorgeous pictures as you cruise to Alaska.


  2. Lee Kline says:

    Very nice. Do you remember the suite of drawings by Hiroshige, “36 Views of Fuji?” These could be the beginning of a suite of the many ways to look at the Space Needle. I’m serious!


  3. I can’t wait to see what you do in Alaska. I hope you packed all your cool colours.


  4. Melissa says:

    I love the Space Needle! I saw it in 1962 at the World’s Fair, when I was seven, and never forgot. I still have a teddy bear my dad bought me there, royal blue with a white stomach with little space needles printed on it. You wouldn’t spontaneously identify it as such–kind of hard to reproduce in fleece! but if you know what it is, it’s a treasure. Your drawings are great, you have such a spontaneous line quality.


  5. vapruitt says:

    Gorgeous. Still love the ones of NYC.


  6. kphstufimfapo1978 says:

    Reblogged this on Niropa Sun Site.


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