Sculpture in Seattle

The first thing that struck me about Seattle this time around ( I was there almost 2 years ago, was I not looking?) was HOW MUCH public art there is everywhere.  Here are a few sketches of some pieces that caught my eye.

Calder’s Eagle at the Olympic Sculpture Park. Captured on a lovely Sunday morning of sketching with Gail Wong. It is fun to sketch with a fellow urban sketcher. Thanks for a lovely morning, Gail!

So glad Gail suggested we sketch Serra’s ‘Wake’ next. At first glance, it was a set of imposing, undulating walls, but then the spaces in between started to speak and colors appeared where I saw just big metal walls at first…

Liberman’s ‘Olympic Iliad’ at the Seattle Center. A mad mass of of huge orange-red tubes that cast strange shadows on each other. And the ever-present Seattle Needle (more on my obsession with the Needle in another post) looming in the background.

And another piece from the Seattle Center: a large totem pole totem pole carved in honor of slain woodcarver John T. Williams
A late addition: Chihuly. What fascinated me most was how beautifully the gardens were planted: how the plants and vegetation were chosen to reflect the forms, shapes and color of the pieces.

You can see more sketches from Seattle here on my flickr stream.

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4 Responses to Sculpture in Seattle

  1. lovely. really like no. 2


  2. Joy says:

    Chihuly, one of my favorites. His garden glass installations are always spectacular and you did a beautiful job capturing the color and movement.


  3. these are wonderful pieces. you make the sculptures look so majestic. I bookmarked your site years ago when I started blogging and flickring, and as I’m going through all my bookmarked blogs I’ve realised I missed so much of your work. Will “follow” you from now on. Cheers!


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