San Francisco in the summer

Want to catch a super foggy, windy day in the city? Chances are pretty high you will-especially if it’s summer. It’s noon, and 70 degrees, but the fog is relentless. We’re parked at Fort Point, just below the bridge when I make this first sketch but the bridge still keeps disappearing out of sight as I sketch it…

So we set off to walk across the bridge. And I decide to give it another shot. This time though, not only is it foggy, it’s crazy windy too. My pages fly open and shut, and the wind almost whips the book out of my hand. All I manage is a little bit of wet-in-wet work before it is just too windy for more… Still, it is fun to let the elements influence the piece.

A four-mile hike from Fort Point, across the bridge and back and everyone is hungry! Time for la Mediterranee in Fillmore. I had an incredible dessert called muhallabieh. I expected a rosewater-scented rice pudding. This was something else!! It uses ma’ez zahr (orange blossom essence) and an ingredient that I think is called sahleb (sp?) Anyone know what that is? I need to source it!

A great hike, some sketching, a lovely meal. All that was needed to complete the day was Browser Books, a great little bookstore just across the street. Luckily, the kids can read for hours, so after I had browsed my favorite sections: food and travel writing, and found me a book of short stories to buy, I still had time for a sketch.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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12 Responses to San Francisco in the summer

  1. cht7 says:

    Beautiful art. You are truly talented.


  2. Ruca says:

    I love how you’ve captured the feel of the fog!


  3. Wow love your style!


  4. Allison says:

    Ahhh…sahlab…one of my favorites. You can usually buy a ready made packet in an Arabic store. Homemade is always better. This is a good recipe:
    Of course there is always room for changes. I prefer the orange blossom oil to rose water…


  5. Don McNulty says:

    I really admire and enjoy your drawings!


  6. Beautiful work. I, too, do watercolor pen and ink work but I am in awe of the immediacy of your style.


  7. Melissa says:

    Seasons are so counterintuitive there. I’ve been three times in February when it was brisk, clear, sunny and beautiful, and twice in June when it was colder than any winter day. Love how you used your day and documented it. Nice colors.


  8. Sue Pownall says:

    I think the second sketch captures the feeling of being in fog perfectly – even if it isn’t within the lines.


  9. I just love following this whole day with you Suhita. Great sketches and and great story. I love the dessert sketch with the turkish coffee. Thanks for sharing all this.


  10. Only watercolor can do justice to travel diaries…


    • I love the immediacy of watercolor, you should give it another shot: no one masters watercolor, i always does it’s own thing. That’s why it is perfect for travel: it captures the weather: the rain,the cold wind, the heat, the humidity all makes your watercolor behave differently. I love that it leaves it’s mark.


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