Los Alamitos Elementary School Art Show, 2012

A big day at Los Alamitos Elementary School in Almaden, San Jose. Art by all the kids, music performances by students and alumni, and tables of fun craft activities for the kids. While I manned a little table with my sketches displayed, I ( what else?) sketched. Here are some quick captures.

Jake Urban of Pioneer High plays the sax. I caught him just as he was finishing up his very last piece. He was once a little Los Alamitos kid. He hung out and encouraged all the little musicians that came by to play after him.


A couple of little musicians:

My favorite part of the art show is the self-portraits done by kindergarteners. I slowed down when I drew the artwork on the wall. It’s fascinating to see the range of shapes and marks little kids use to draw themselves. 

A table set up by volunteers with craft and art project for the kids.  This one is kids creating artwork in a pointallist style.

To see a full set of my sketches form the evening, go here.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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4 Responses to Los Alamitos Elementary School Art Show, 2012

  1. Lee Kline says:

    Suhita! What lovely sketches and what a wonderful memory for your kids later on. I know kids take their parents’ obsession for art for granted, but they ARE soaking it in. These are wonderful.
    Lee Kline – alias Sketchrboy


  2. theheaddog says:

    You are amazing, so much detail in such a short time. I want a house filled with your works.


  3. Jake Urban says:

    Just google searched my own name and came across this. Very cool! I still remember that day.


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