More Moveable Feast!

If you follow this blog, you know I LOVE the food trucks at Moveable Feast. So when they added 2 new locations, both within 10 minutes of home, I was thrilled. I’m going to have to visit regularly, not just to sketch, but to work my way through the endless variety of food. But it’s not just about the food. It is fabulous to see a crowd of people standing (quite happily!) in long lines, or sitting in groups on upturned red buckets, chatting and exchanging notes on the food with random strangers.

I made this first sketch before the crowds came in. These stacks of red buckets would soon disappear as people grab them and use them as seats.
 There’s a LOT of food I like here, but if you’re just looking at truck graphics, this one wins hands down. The Chairman does a fabulous, fun, tongue-in-cheek take on propaganda posters in striking red and off-white. And they make a mean Pork Belly Bao.

I had a quick little chat with Ryan Sebastian, who started Moveable Feast. While I sketched him (and his truck Treatbot in the background) he talked about how Moveable Feast was not just about food, but also about the social aspect of people getting out of their homes and spending an evening together, meeting friends and strangers, all while enjoying some great food, of course.

You can find out where Moveable Feast goes next here, and you can see all my Food Truck sketches here.

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9 Responses to More Moveable Feast!

  1. Wonderful Sketches Suhita.


  2. Suhita, these sketches are amazing. I think it’s all that red that just makes them so alive. I especially love The Chairman and how the figures work in front of the truck. Thanks for these.


  3. The composition and color in these are amazing! I always love your work.


  4. Shruti says:

    The Chairman is my favorite – love your sketches Suhita.


  5. Very cool — nice to see how food trucks look in the hands of a master!


  6. Very cool feature and as usual your sketches are TERRIFIC:)


  7. Love the second truck. Looks like a “happy one”, so bright and joyful 🙂


  8. Kait says:

    The first truck sketch is my favourite! Like the balance of white space. Pleased I found your blog.


  9. Hobitute says:

    This is really a great piece or work. Your knowledge of art is really impressive. Keep it work


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