More Mexico City

Color. People. Lots of both. Noise. Madness. And endless energy. Mexico City is all that. There is just no way I can blog all the different things I saw and sketched, so here are a few highlights.

We stayed at a historic art deco hotel called the Gran Hotel. It had old art deco elevators and a huge Tiffany glass ceiling roof. Was it over the top? Yes? Noisy? Yes, anything near the Zocalo or main square of the city with the highest population in the world is noisy! Did I love it?? Yes!!!
I tried capturing the crowds and constant activity. Here are two sketches of the same street by day and by night.

Everywhere in the historic district were beautiful buildings.

The main church on the zocalo is a mad mixture of styles and a big jumble of ornamentation. As if that wasn’t over-the-top-enough, it had the largest Christmas tree I’ve ever seen. ( I was thinking the Rockefeller Tree on steroids)

It was amazing to walk through Frida Kahlo and Diego Riviera’s Casa Azul and see the bed Frida painted in with a broken back,  her beautiful sunny yellow kitchen and their superb gardens. The later it got in the evening, the purpler the blue got.

I can never sketch any of my meals because I eat them up too quick to draw. Breakfast was an exception. I ate almost the same meal every morning, so I finally drew it.

I didn’t draw any other meals but I did draw the restaurants.And the mariachis who sang at tables.

 To see a complete set of all my sketches from Mexico City, click here.

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6 Responses to More Mexico City

  1. bmweeks says:

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your trip to Mexico City! Happy New Year.


  2. Melissa says:

    Wow, you had a busy vacation–and that was just the sketching! Beautiful views–your style is so dynamic.


  3. Joan says:

    I admire your style so much. Wonderful captures of a very lively city.


  4. I really like your art work. It’s so cheerful.


  5. You’ve made me want to go there.


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