Things on wheels: Finding little bits of time to draw stuff around me

A couple of years ago, I’d have grumbled about not finding time (or stuff) to sketch when I got really busy at work. But since I joined the group Urban Sketchers, I’ve realized everything around me is sketchable- and 10 minutes is good enough for a quick sketch. So I draw in little bits of time I can find.

I can’t tell one car model from another, but they are fun to draw when  you think of them as oddly-shaped, sometimes menacing-looking beasts, mostly sitting around parking lots.

Love the orange of all sorts of repair trucks. If I see one when I’m driving, I check the time: Enough time to do a quick sketch and still make it to my appointment on time? I pull up and draw.

There must never be any car breakdowns in Gilroy, because this tow truck is permanently parked in front of the repair shop. See the twin palms? Once you notice them, you’ll see them everywhere…
Quick parking lot sketch. Cars in parking lots in suburbia= Cows in fields in the countryside. Do you see the parallel? Or is it just me??

This one I’m going to have to figure out: how do I quickly capture shopping carts? Those mad, tangles of wires, all clumped together in a snaking mess that passes for a row?

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10 Responses to Things on wheels: Finding little bits of time to draw stuff around me

  1. Carole Moran says:

    Excellent drawings. The color gives them added interest.


  2. betty wilkins says:

    Your sketches are so lively and dynamic!! I LOVE them all, Suhita!


  3. Sandra says:

    Seems to me that you captured the shopping carts. Your philosophy is right on-stop and draw, even for just 10 minutes.


  4. Cathy Holtom says:

    Great sketches and the trolleys came out really well!


  5. ben says:

    I really need to learn more watercolor technique….I’m seeing how there is a lot of white space in your work to lend LIGHT to the drawing. My watercolors end up looking quite flat in their value range. Do you know a good online water color tutorial?


    • Ben, I’m self-taught with watercolors, but look at “watercolor” and “watercolor artist” magazine for inspiration. Most of all, I’ve found that with watercolor, you need to be unafraid of it- it WILL do it’s own thing- let it! 🙂


  6. Shalini says:

    Very beautiful drawings! And thanks for the inspiration always… Again just at the right time – when I was wondering how I could possibly make time to draw when there is always so so much to do! Your sketches are awesome..


  7. Alex Tan says:

    Gorgeous sketches! I always have a weak spot for cars or anything mechanical. Love the way everything is so well proportioned, and I like the style of colors!


  8. Alex, Glad you think they work: I know nothing about cars, so I just go by the silhouette and draw what I see! They are fun to draw, though, although I forget to draw a wheel once in a while and end up with a lopsided beast!


  9. Suhita I really like what you are doing with water colors and how much flow you have with the colors. I just linked to you on my blog I also see you’ve been up to Seattle and have some Museum of Flight sketches. One of my favorite places to go. Excellent work


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