Girl Scout cookies

My daughter is a “Daisy” which means she is a Kindergartener who is a Girl Scout, so we had our first experience of standing outside grocery stores, selling Girl Scout cookies. It was, surprisingly, a much nicer experience than I expected: people went out of their way to talk to the girls, and Kavya enjoyed holding up a poster, restocking cookies, and ver occasionally, asking if anyone wanted to buy cookies.  She was amazed that people paid $4 pennies for a box of cookies- “400 pennies!”, as she said.

That’s my 3-year old, Nishant buying a pack from her. The trouble with “selling” girl scout cookies, is that you end up buying too many yourself!

For most of the time we hung around ( and it was a long time) Nishant was busy with the iphone.

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2 Responses to Girl Scout cookies

  1. Sandra says:

    The little ones tug at your heart strings when they are selling cookies. You are a nice mom to support her.


  2. raena says:

    Wonderful post, I especially like that last one! Hmmm…thin mint coooookiiiiess!!


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