Guest posting for Urban Sketchers

I did a guest-post on my favorite sketch blog, You can view it here:

What an amazing and talented group of sketchers! I’ve been very inspired to take my sketch book EVERYWHERE since I found this group- they gave what I do a name. I knew plein-air, landscape artists, watercolor painters, and lots more but didn’t have a name for what I do: draw the world around me-the everyday and the exotic, looking at it all as a traveller, seeing it anew, capturing it’s essence.

Thanks for the inspiration- and for letting me do a post!

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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5 Responses to Guest posting for Urban Sketchers

  1. Elizabeth A says:

    Found you through US – love your work.


  2. Pete Bangs says:

    Your guest post was fantastic. I really envy your relaxed way with colour. Any use of colour I make is a fight to ther death.

    You made India look like a fabulous venue for a sketcher.


    • Thanks, Peter. I love how watercolor doesn’t let you control it ( or atleast for me, it doesn’t!), it’s nice to be surprised by what it does. for every one of my sketches that turns out well, thought, there’s many that are an absolute mess- i post quite a few of the ones that don’t make it to the bog on my flickr feed.
      And India is a sketchers mecca- there is something to draw everywhere!


  3. betty wilkins says:

    congratulations, Suhita! Your sketches were marvelous!!!


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