Blogging- and sketching- again

So the big trip to India is over, and I’m back in California. It’s always easy for me to sketch a lot when I travel: new place, new things to see, no day-job to go to…and it’s always hard to do that first post-trip post. So here goes: a mixed bag of sketches from the last few weeks:.. no real theme going here, but I guess you can see I’ll sketch anywhere!

Short winter days mean it’s already dusk when I’m driving home from work. I don’t like short days, but I do like how even mundane stuff like the brake lights of cars, street lights and traffic lights look beautiful in the evening light.

Coffeeshops again: my main sketching venue in the cold. I’m going to find more cafes to sketch at, I think I’ve covered all of Almaden and Los Gatos! I’ve said this before, but have you noticed how ALL  coffee shops have atleast one burnt orange/red/ochre wall now? If you have recommendations, let me know!

At the church on Stanford Campus. If you’ve ever been here on a weekend, you’ve seen a wedding party being photographed on the lawns. I saw one too. They’re in the sketch. They looked totally ridiculous, prancing in unison across the lawns.
Went to see the “White Album Ensemble” at Kuumbwa in Santa Cruz. It was fun to sit up in the first row and sketch. With my paints, wine and flourless chocolate cake. It was also amusing to be younger than almost all the crowd at the show. That doesn’t happen very often anymore…

Did you know all Cupertino’s fire engines are white? It just seems wrong, a white fire engine…

This last one is for Mohini and Mallika, my 15 year old nieces ( who blog their sketches here: ), and still love this candy store: Powells, in Los Gatos.

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15 Responses to Blogging- and sketching- again

  1. BarbaraB says:

    These are so lively and vibrant. I love your light, loose washes.


  2. Alex Tan says:

    nice sketches! I love the colors


  3. MaryO says:

    Your drawings have such energy and life! Some of us find that hard to accomplish, but you seem to do it naturally. I love these!


  4. Sandra says:

    Delightful! I was right “in” each sketch.


  5. I LOVE these sketches. The spontaneity is great, and so is your color:)


  6. LindaT says:

    I love the way you use line and color. So wonderful and inspiring to look at!


  7. Janene says:

    Wow–I am so impressed with your sketches. I love your loose, expressive style.


  8. nancy t says:

    Very fun to “be in your pocket” and see the world through your eyes. White fire engines? Yep, seems wrong. And, what’s not to love about a candy store? lol nancy


  9. Margaret says:

    Really enjoyed looking at your lively sketches!


  10. C... says:

    Very nice work! I like the colors and the movement your sketching has.


  11. Isabel says:

    really nice to discover your blog via usk. love the way you capture people and environments also your color is really beautiful. Great work.


  12. ben says:

    Very nice work and inspiring. The kids are watching TV behind me and i’m going to sketch them now! Thanks!


  13. Cigara says:

    I love your work
    très spontané et l’essentiel est la, bravo!


  14. Ambika says:

    This is grand work Suhita, fabulous stuff! Found your blog through Sound Horn Please and boy, am glad I did! I love tosketch and paint too, but have hardly looked to everyday scenes for inspiration, now I just have to. Good work Suhita!


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