Goa: a week at the beach

We spent a week in Calangute, at the beach, with my parents visiting us almost everyday. The kids loved it: sand, warm water, icecream sellers on the beach! I’ll stay out of the water if I can, so I sat on a beach chair and sketched. There’s a lot that goes on on that narrow stretch of sand lined with deck chairs: there are fruit sellers, icecream sellers, locals offering the tourists massages, watersports out at sea, people gawking at topless sunbathers. All fodder for my sketchbook.

This little chapel stands down a quiet little dirt road in the village of Candolim. A young mom and her son stood quietly , watching a group of fishermen mend their nets nearby. (no, they’re not in my sketch). And the blue vespa reminded me of one my friend Elvis used to ride, years ago.

My favorite part of the week in Goa was just being at Malcolm’s home, The kids play in the red dirt. I sit on the balcao with my cup of chai and sketch.¬†Heliconia, crotons, bromeliads, coconut palms, mango trees. The place is a tropical paradise!

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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3 Responses to Goa: a week at the beach

  1. Baby Pickel says:

    I love those paintings!


  2. MATHEWS says:

    Very nice. Highly professional.


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