Spent just 2 days there, now I want to go spend a whole winter there, staying in a barsati, sketching everyday. What a city!

Stop1: Early morning at Isa Khan’s tomb. I found a sunny spot- no sitting in the shade for me!- and drew this tomb located near the more-famous Humayun’s Tomb.

Stop 2: Humayun’s tomb, a predecessor to the Taj Mahal. If you think all domes look alike then you need to look more closely at them- you’ll see how they evolved over time from squat onion-shaped structures to the fantastic dome of the Taj Mahal… little refinements over time to get from dumpy to exquisite. This sketch was made a little later in the morning. It started out as a nice, peaceful place, and then the throngs of schoolkids in their red shirts and green skirts arrived. What a zoo! I love to sketch crowds.

Stop 3: Evening at Lodhi Gardens. It was cold! My hands were numb, the light was fading and a swarm of mosquitoes buzzed over my head!

Day 2, Stop 1: Red Fort, Old Delhi

The building on the right is the Diwan-I-Khas, a beautiful marble hall with intricate inlay work. The building on the left is a small mosque. Most of the crowd around us wasn’t interested in the structures. Instead, they watched a South India movie being shot, where this girl in a Disney-princess costume danced cavorted with a fellow in a blue superhero cape!

And when the ‘shooting’ took a break, they left this poor fellow behind to mind the equipment.

Last sketches of the day: The bazaar at the Red Fort. A long, dark covered passageway,with naked bulbs lighting tables of gaudy baubles. And of course, a Kashmir Arts Emporium. Nobody seemed to sell anything, but they all seemed quite content.


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obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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