The Colors Of Oaxaca

Just got back from 8 days in Oaxaca, Mexico- what really, really struck me was the color- everything is a riot of color- and it wasn’t just special costumes and crafts, it was everyday stuff : the taxis, the markets, the street signs… there was just so much to take in, I didn’t sketch a thing for the first 4 days- and then I went crazy, drawing at every free moment I had. It was impossible to draw in just black and white, it just HAD to all be in color. 


oaxaca2The sculpture reminded me of Indian idols- bright, even gaudy colors – nothing subtle about it – and slightly gruesome. The cabs were fantastic- vivid greens, red, blues, oranges, pinks and purples.

oaxaca3Food carts were everywhere- selling mexican hot chocolate and tamales in the morning, corn with chile and cheese and freshly made  tortillas in the evening. And everything you eat can be “customized” with an array of sauces in varying degrees of “very spicy”. The little sketch on the bottom-right was done at Monte Alban, and does no justice to the place- incredible pre-Mayan ruins. I was way to busy taking it in to really sit down and do a good sketch!


oaxaca5Our last morning, and on the way home… beautiful copper and brass coffee machines that we saw everywhere in the city. I mostly drank Mexican Chocolate, but Hari enjoyed the coffee. Nishant LOVED the flight home- we switched 3 flights, all in 8 hours to get back home and he thought it was the greatest thing to spend all day in airports and on airplanes!

oaxaca6Kavya asleep on the last leg back. So proud of her “rainbow” dress from Oaxaca.

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3 Responses to The Colors Of Oaxaca

  1. youknowwho says:

    Very Nice! Why no more man? Went to Oxaca and only did 4 pages!


  2. sharon says:

    Saw your sketches. They’re lovely! especially the last with Kavya, so content and happy.


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