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Things on wheels: Finding little bits of time to draw stuff around me

A couple of years ago, I’d have grumbled about not finding time (or stuff) to sketch when I got really busy at work. But since I joined the group Urban Sketchers, I’ve realized everything around me is sketchable- and 10 … Continue reading

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The end of the rain?

When it’s 85 degrees, sunny and cloudless, anything seems possible, but this is April, so you never know when the rain will be back. But it’s fun to capture drippy skies with watercolor.  

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Girl Scout cookies

My daughter is a “Daisy” which means she is a Kindergartener who is a Girl Scout, so we had our first experience of standing outside grocery stores, selling Girl Scout cookies. It was, surprisingly, a much nicer experience than I … Continue reading

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Blogging- and sketching- again

So the big trip to India is over, and I’m back in California. It’s always easy for me to sketch a lot when I travel: new place, new things to see, no day-job to go to…and it’s always hard to … Continue reading

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Good South Indian Coffee. Zero atmosphere.

Saravana Bhavan. Sunnyvale.

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I know the summer is over…

… When I start sketching indoors more and more- it’s always a challenge, finding new places I can sketch at while staying out of the cold. The “Hungry Hound” is a little joint in Los Gatos. I liked how the … Continue reading

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Gunther's, Willow Glen

Old-style diner in Willow Glen- or is it Campbell? Those tiffany-style lamps fit right in.

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Sketching at Sunset

Sunset form my bedroom window.The trouble with sketching at sunset is that you’re looking directly into the glare, AND the color disappears from the scene really quickly as the sun goes down. It’s hard enough to draw staring right into … Continue reading

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Quiet corner, Gilroy, CA

This house is just a block away from downtown Gilroy, but it seems like it’s miles away from anyplace. It’s a doctor’s office but I never see anyone going in there.

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Graphic Gas Stations

I lived b this gas station forever, and think of it as an eyesore, but it’s really quite graphic, -all red, black white and blue-and plastered with flyers and signs. I have to do more sketches of it.

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