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A little SoCal trip

Sketches from a way-too-short trip to Southern California. Somewhere just north of Los Angeles, looking out onto I-5. You know you’re in Southern California when the light turns really yellow and tall palm trees break the horizon everywhere you look. … Continue reading

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2 sketches from the Palo Alto Children’s Zoo. The turtles got my undivided attention. They were the only ones who sat still enough to be sketched! I love how they stack up on top of each other in search of … Continue reading

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Week 2: Tirunelvelli

Tirunelvelli is, in many ways, the quintessential Indian small town: probably very charming and idyllic at one point, but just a mad, unplanned, overgrown mess today. While I wouldn’t want to live there, it is a great place to sketch! … Continue reading

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Drawing with Kavya

Kavya has been sketching with me more and more these days. it’s fun to draw with her and see what she sees. Nishant sometimes hangs around and has pretty critical comments about both our sketches. This is a pair of … Continue reading

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